PLWA is a leading Total Waste Solution provider offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the needs of any client. PLWA’s Waste Management division accounts for 40 percent of the company’s annual revenue through our operations in the Northwest of Western Australia. Arguably, we offer a better service than our competitors and are a small locally owned and operated company. Our growth in recent years has assisted with the establishment of a new total waste solution model that provides not only more services, but an efficient and cost effective method of managing waste. Whether individual services or a total package, PLWA works closely with each client to ensure the right sustainable, cost effective solution is implemented.

Contract Management

PLWA have the ability to provide extensive and increased services at a cost effective price for each waste stream. Our disciplinary total waste Management Team are committed to providing best practice solutions for our clients, regardless of location, quantity and complexity.

Site Audits & Assessments

Depending on the nature and complexity of the waste stream, our Management Team will conduct a site investigation to analyse the problem and work closely with the client to ensure the right solution is provided.


Daily management and reporting of our bins, services, waste types and volumes is controlled and managed through our Ecosoft Mobile Data Software. Ecosoft allows our management team to streamline our operations, improve efficiencies, accuracy and timely processing and reporting.

Solid Waste Management

Whether residential, industrial or commercial, PLWA can provide solid waste Management services regardless of the size and complexity. We ensure solid waste is managed accordingly to reduce or eliminate adverse impacts on the environment and human health and support economic development and improved quality of life.

Liquid Waste Management

Our expansion into liquid waste services has enabled PLWA to become a real competitor in the market. Our purpose build fleet of liquid trucks enables us to remove, transport, safely dispose or treat a range of liquid waste streams. Some of the liquid wastes currently being managed include sewage, waste oil and oily waste water.

Landfill Management

With over 8 years’ experience in landfill management PLWA can offer services tailored to meet any site specific environmental licence requirements. Our goal is to maximise operation efficiency with the least cost ensuring worker safety whilst promoting a positive perception of the site.

Bio-Remediation (Landfarm)

Due to location and lack of facilities available to treat contaminated materials in the Northwest, bioremediation has become a solution to manage, treat and reuse materials on site. PLWA has been involved with various methods of bioremediation with the most common concept of sampling, fertilization, aeration and water application.

Industrial Services

Our industrial service division has expanded to include services such as vacuum loading, sludge Management, drain and sewer cleaning, high pressure hosing and non-destructive digging.

Resource Recovery

We focus on recovery, recycling and disposal practices that exceed both our business obligations and the environmental conditions imposed at every site.

PLWA has established resource recovery facilities at both Port Hedland and Newman branches, which provide access to remote areas for our clients to reduce, recycle and reuse at an overall lower cost.