PLWA Group is committed to provide full, fair, and reasonable opportunity for Indigenous and local Australian industry to participate in the provision of goods, equipment, services and technology to projects both regionally and centrally based across Australia. PLWA Group will ensure that opportunities to maximise Indigenous and local industry participation, technology transfer, job creation, skills development, and regional development are provided in all our activities and that we actively support and promote local communities and Indigenous communities as a natural part of our business practice. In particular PLWA commits to:

  • Achieving maximum procurement of goods, labour, materials, and services from Indigenous and local manufacturers and suppliers where these are competitive as to price, specification and quality.
  • Appropriate design and procurement strategies which ensure the equitable and timely provision of information to potential Indigenous and local suppliers.
  • The use of Australian Standards, or their international equivalents, in design.
  • The assessment and selection of Indigenous and local suppliers on the most competitive basis which includes consideration of whole of life cost factors.
  • Provision of opportunities for Indigenous, local and broader Australian based industry to contribute to whole of life contract outcomes.
  • The measurement and reporting of Indigenous and local industry participation, and the provision of feedback from the contract on the performance of Indigenous and local industry in the procurement processes.